TTE Strategy named TOP CONSULTANT 2021

Senior Consultant

Niklas Christiansen

Niklas Christiansen


… developing organizations in a sustainable, innovative way. I’m convinced that sustainability and innovation can only be achieved with a powerful team spirit and a diverse approach. In a strong team, diversity helps everyone to be more creative, leading to more profound, impactful change.

Niklas is a Consultant at TTE Strategy. He holds a master’s degree in Business Development & Internationalization and a bachelor’s degree in Business Psychology. Thanks to his diversified background, he covers a broad range of consulting fields.

He has gained experience in several academic and professional projects, such as through collaborations with Barclaycard, MacGregor, BMW Group and Volvo Car Group, as well as project expertise in the field of Strategy & Innovation at Hermes Europe. In addition, Niklas is involved in the areas of Strategic Corporate Development, Innovation Management, and Operational Resilience.

The Team


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