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Transformation Management

How we increased ownership and entrepreneurial thinking with a fundamental mindset transformation


Culture Change

Project Scope

The client asked TTE for support in a mindset shift within the workforce to increase ownership, entrepreneurial thinking, learning from failure and mistakes and to make the best ideas win consistently.


Initially, TTE conducted workshops with the management, HR and a project team from operations to define a desired company and behavioral culture. This desired culture contained elements such as:


“We want to make fast decisions. We want to learn from our mistakes. The best ideas should win.”


In addition, desired values and a company purpose were discussed and a target picture defined. Once these were clear, selected members of the organization were interviewed to provide their view on how well the desired culture was in place already and what barriers did exist towards its accomplishment. Also, a broader quantitative survey was launched.

Once the gaps between the desired and current states were identified, TTE and the client’s team analyzed which outside factors needed change in order to enable the workforce to live the desired culture.


“Here, we looked at leadership behaviour, decision rights, organizational design, resources, but also tools and ways of working.”

Lars Linnekogel, Managing Director


Once the decisive factors were identified, specific change journeys were designed to work towards the right environment that supports the desired company culture. In order to ensure sustainability, the client continuously monitors employee feedback across the desired culture dimension through TTE’s Surwayne solution.


The project delivered impact across a number of areas:

  • Higher staff retention and better company perception on the employment market
  • Increased product quality
  • Higher customer satisfaction (customer representatives provided feedback about the new spirit and how they gained trust in their counterparts)
  • Increased workforce efficiency due to less need for alignment and decentralised decision-making rights

The Team


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