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Lars Linnekogel



Experience shows that projects regularly fail due to incorrect decisions, lack of knowledge and broader factors. In order to bring a project to a successful conclusion and to create added value for the company, it depends on many factors. Especially on the prevention of faults.

We like to show you five key mistakes in project management, which occur regularly but can be easily avoided.


  1. The wrong employee choices

The project team affects the progress and success of the project significantly. The project manager has to think carefully about which people he wants to incorporate into the project and what skills will be needed in order to achieve the best possible result. A project team consists of a core team, which is constantly working on the project and accompanied all the steps from the beginning to the end. In addition, there may be an extended team, including experts from other areas of the company or external consultants who are involved in the project. For a closer look at the successful compilation of a project team, we recommend our blog post, The right choice is decisive: formation of a project team.


  1. Target formulation is obscure

A project always pursues a certain intention. At least it should. Many projects seem clearly from the outside, and all team members should realize the goal at first glance. Conjunctive and "actually" have nothing to do with the formulation of objectives for projects. The goal of a project must be discussed closely before the start with all stakeholders. Afterwards it has to be journalized. This is the only way all people who are involved are on the same page and any concerns can be discussed and resolved directly with the team. As an aid in formulation of objectives we use the SMART-rule. The goal must be Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic and Time-is formulated and can be retroactively well reviewed and evaluated.


  1. Responsibilities and rights are neither unequivocal nor communicated

A marketing employee needed specific numbers from the controlling and HR department to develop concrete conclusions for the current project. Both areas represent transversely and did not hand over the necessary information - a problem that can have impact on the project timing when responding is not fast enough. At the start of the project, the responsibilities of each team member and their powers must be precisely coordinated and communicated. In our simple example, the project manager should have informed the two departments about the rights and requirements of the employee and there would have been no delay.


  1. Know the risks

It sounds tritely, but every project has sticking points, where it can fail. Knowing these risks and be able to handle them when they occur, will prevent projects from failing. For us, it has proven to be useful if a brainstorming takes place with the project team. Different aspects, approaches and of course experience come into consideration and will help the project to succeed.


  1. Verification during the project

It starts with the project plan and it ends with the result, but also the intermediate steps and partial results should be followed. This way any risks, problems and delays are detected in time and can be quickly resolved. This should be done regularly in appointments between the project manager and his team.


These five cradles in project management are by no means the only ones, and the order is not relevant. We want to take this opportunity to give an insight.

The Team


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