TTE Strategy named TOP CONSULTANT 2021

Senior Consultant

Claudia Manriquez

Claudia Manriquez

I’m passionate about …

I'm passionate about making things happen! Every time there is a challenge, I truly enjoy finding the most creative and efficient way to solve it. And when I get to share that enthusiasm with a passionate team, a dream comes true!

Claudia is a Consultant at TTE Strategy. She has experience in strategy and business development. Previously, Claudia co-founded the sharing economy start-up Utiluru and worked at the leading resources company BHP. In these roles, Claudia has gained experience translating a company’s long-term vision into daily operations. 

She holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile), and she recently obtained an MBA from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany). 

The Team


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