TTE Strategy named HIDDEN CHAMPION 2024 /25 in Strategy


Our third award for consulting quality in a row. Obtained in the strategy category.

Rated with McKinsey and BCG
on eye level in project quality.

Only the second consultancy in 18 years to be named a “Hidden Champion” in this category by Professor Fink and his team from the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB).


For this, I am proud and grateful.

When I left BCG to found TTE Strategy six years ago, it was not an easy start. I was convinced that people, their emotions, their potential, and their fears should also take center stage in strategic projects.

But the idea of considering strategic development in a more holistic way was too frequently mistaken for HR work, communication, and training. Many people initially considered TTE to be a kind of training provider. Unfortunately, our positioning as The Team Enablers (TTE) also added to this on the brand side. At the same time, we delivered real strategic projects on the market from the very beginning.

Client interviews opened our eyes.

Their feedback: With you, strategy doesn’t just mean charts; it means “enabling” our team. You manage to achieve real results alongside our people. Our slogan was born: Creating Results Together.

Lars Linnekogel
Founder & Managing Director

And this is why we changed our name partway along to TTE Strategy. TTE continues to stand for enabling employees, but this takes place within the framework of more focused strategic and transformation work. With real driving force and results in the top and bottom line. With people who know what they are doing and take a clear-cut position – but always do so fairly, ensuring that everyone is included.

Today, our approach is as clear as it is unique on the market. Strategy work only succeeds if those who bring the strategy to life can say with complete conviction: It makes sense, this is what we want, we can do it, and this is how we will move forward.

And that is what drives all of us at TTE Strategy. We support companies and their employees in becoming future-proof. And, together, tackle and successfully master the themes of growth and scalability, digitization, customer-centricity, morale, sustainability, and efficiency that are so crucial nowadays.

The fact that some customers have been with us and have placed their trust in us since the start is something we are very grateful for – as well as being an obligation to continue investing in quality and empathy in equal measure.

After all, our own strategy is to become the leading premium strategy boutique, characterized by first-rate quality of work, the utmost empathy for those involved in transformation processes, and the ongoing integration of all participants in development and implementation processes.

Today, TTE Strategy has two offices in Germany and one in Switzerland. We implement projects with our clients throughout Europe and across borders. From the very beginning, we have focused not only on international clients, but also on a diverse international team. I firmly believe that, while consultancy work takes place locally, it must always be considered internationally.

Lastly, I would just like to say
a big thank-you!

This goes out to all those who have helped to make TTE Strategy what it is today.

My colleagues – we have developed and achieved this together. You are the reason why TTE Strategy is what it is today. Our clients – you believed in us; you gave us the chance we really needed. To all our sponsors – without you, we would never have succeeded in turning this idea into something tangible. And all our other supporters who help us each day to become a little bit better.

Thank you!

Lars Linnekogel
Founder & Managing Director

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