TTE Strategy named HIDDEN CHAMPION 2022 / 23

Strategy needs to be rethought today

3 Reasons
why to work with TTE Strategy

We are part of the team

We understand consulting as active empowerment of all parties involved and not as dictating expert opinions.

We live growth

We are a strategy consulting boutique that not only "advises" growth but also is experiencing it.

We deliver results

We deliver sustainable, measurable and realistic results that do not come from the "ivory tower".

Development and implementation of a holistic corporate strategy
Developing a business strategy for the years to come sounds like the basics. But many companies still rely on their past success patterns and project them into the future. This might be a risky approach as customers, markets, and product requirements are changing faster than ever. Our proven approach will lead you systematically towards a compelling business strategy. And our fair process approach merges strategy and transformation – for faster results.
  • Purpose, vision, and strategy development
  • Transformation programs
  • Organizational design and operating models
  • New business models and innovation
  • Overall program management incl. activist PMO
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Increasing efficiency through process optimisation
Saving costs and enabling an optimized way of working is only possible by including strategies and tools to increase your operational efficiency. This process is facilitated by digitization, technology, and automation aspects. We work together with your teams – from boardroom to shop floor – to conceptualize and realize value opportunities.
  • Operational excellence
  • Cost reduction planning
  • E2E process management
  • Digital planning & reporting
  • Industry 4.0
  • Workforce planning
  • Supply & demand optimization
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Increasing market performance through customer centricity and process efficiency
The efficient use of digital tools, lean processes, and organizational enablement are fundamental prerequisites for sales excellence. To capture the full potential of your commercial organization, we deliver systematic sales transformation programs and enable your employees. Increased revenues and higher customer and employer satisfaction are proven results of our actions.
  • Digital sales and marketing transformation programs
  • Sales process automation
  • B2B e-commerce strategy
  • Customer centricity and cultural change programs
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Increasing digital value creation
We see digital transformation as an integral part of the strategic direction of your firm. Our approach with focus on employee enablement ensures buy-in of your organization and long-term value add. We think out of the box, bring a profound understanding of business needs, digital innovation and IT knowledge into the project. This ensures maximum top and bottom-line impact of your digital initiatives.
  • Digital change management
  • Digital program management
  • Business/IT enablement
  • Process automation and mining
  • Digital services and innovations
  • Employee enablement
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