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Dr. Michael Boppel

Dr. Michael Boppel


I am passionate about working at the intersection of strategy development, financial analysis/modeling, and transformation. I love helping clients prepare strategic decisions that have a large impact on their organization and are very ambiguous. Seeing the strategies unfolding and delivering the intended results motivates me to embark together with a client on their transformation journey.

Michael is Principal for TTE Strategy in Switzerland. Michael combines strategy development and financial modeling skills with the ability to build businesses and transform organizations. Before joining TTE Strategy, Michael worked for the Boston Consulting Group in its Corporate Development Taskforce, for KPMG in its Restructuring Practice, and for the Swiss Stock Exchange in its Corporate Development and Innovation department. His work involved a broad industry focus, including financial services and private equity.

Michael studied at the University of St. Gallen, at the London Business School, and at Paderborn University, and holds a PhD in Strategy in Management as well as an MSc in Business Information Systems.

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