TTE Strategy named HIDDEN CHAMPION 2024 /25 in Strategy

Graphics & Digital Experience Designer

Marcela Navarrete

Marcela Navarrete


I'm passionate about working across different areas of knowledge. To me, it’s wonderful how design can improve the way a message is delivered, and how it can help to find solutions for problems where design is not usually implemented. Be it graphic design, product design or any other. I think it’s essential to apply it to other knowledge areas to help everyone reach their maximum potential.

Marcela is a Presentation & Digital Experience Designer at TTE Strategy. She brings another view and an open mindset that helps to add value to her role.

Her background as an architect led her to develop a passion for graphic design and communication, which have taken her to big consultant company design centers for the past two years. During the time, Marcela’s interest for communication design grew and led her to get certificates in areas like User Experience design, CSS and HTML, to follow on a more digital path.

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