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Henry Specht

Henry Specht


I love the continuous learning that comes with the job, as well as the constant exchange with exciting personalities in this dynamic work context.

Henry is a Consultant at TTE Strategy. During his career, he has gained valuable experience in various strategy consultancies.

He acquired expertise in the area of top-line growth during this time. In addition to the development of growth-oriented corporate strategies and the optimization and reorganization of product and brand portfolios, he also had the opportunity to gain experience in the operational implementation of holistic marketing campaigns during his apprenticeship as a marketing communications specialist and his studies.

In addition to project management and qualitative data collection, quantitative data analysis is a particularly important skill that he brings to our projects.

Henry completed his studies in Pforzheim, Barcelona and Maastricht and graduated with an M.Sc. in International Business. He passes on his acquired knowledge to students as a lecturer in strategic planning.

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