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How we advised a hidden champion in the chemical industry with a post-merger integration


We advanced the strategic and operational post-merger integration of a chemicals company

Project Scope

Industry: Chemical industry

Company size: 3,000 employees

Project duration: 6 months


To support our client from day one, we adopted and implemented a five-step approach enabling a successful post-merger integration (PMI). Through this structured approach, we helped our client in times of high uncertainty in a fast-changing market environment ensuring daily business would continue to run whilst managing a complex integration.

Step 1: As a first step, we developed the future strategy of the newly formed company together with C-level management. In addition, organizational culture goals were defined to ensure cross-company buy-in and create a spirit of “one company” from early on. Through this, we managed to create a guiding star for the integration project and beyond.

Step 2: Following this, we set up an integration management office (IMO) together with our client to ensure one central point of control to manage the myriad integration topics throughout the process. Equipped with an integration roadmap, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and milestones, we managed to comprehensively steer the integration efforts structurally going forward.

Step 3: Next, we developed sound guidelines and defined guiding principles in a joint effort with our client. This enabled a structured and holistic approach to defining the future organization and, through the involvement of key stakeholders throughout the process, we managed to ensure cross-company buy-in.

Step 4: As a fourth step, we defined key integration building blocks (processes, structure, governance, KPIs, technological enablers, etc.). Further, we conducted in-depth sessions across these building blocks throughout all organizational functions. Through this, we were able to derive functional integration plans entailing key activities and initiatives that need to be tackled within the next 18 months. Additionally, we ensured a central, standardized, and structured tracking of value-adding measures following a clear governance and ownership approach.

Step 5: Lastly, we managed to further drive the integration forward by focusing on cultural and change management aspects. Here, particular attention was given to creating a positive team spirit and cross-company buy-in and ensuring awareness and consideration of the organizational culture goals and strategy defined in the beginning.


The project delivered impacts across several areas:

  • Developed new company strategy with focus on value from sustainability
  • Aligned the organization towards integration North Star
  • Substantiated and activated integration synergy potential (+€300 m in EBITDA)
  • Developed integration roadmaps and implementation plans together with all functional areas

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