TTE Strategy named HIDDEN CHAMPION 2024 /25 in Strategy

How we reviewed the client strategy of a big financial service player


We were asked to conduct an in-depth strategy review of their client interaction program.

Project Scope

Industry: Financial services

Company size: >3,500 employees

Project duration: <4 months


At the beginning, the impact of the overall strategy on the individual business units was reviewed. In addition, a structured analysis was conducted to determine the impact of key environmental factors and internal changes on the overall strategy. To clearly measure and structure the implementation efforts, a reporting system was created that went beyond the regular progress reporting. In addition, selected projects were examined in more detail.


The project delivered impacts across several areas:

  1. Refined overall strategy document
  2. Detailing of selected relevant topics
  3. Increased buy-in for the existing strategy from employees through process improvement
  4. Great collaboration between internal strategy and the TTE team

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