TTE Strategy named HIDDEN CHAMPION 2024 /25 in Strategy

How we built a digital service B2B marketplace


We advanced the strategic and operational development as well as the implementation of a digital service B2B marketplace.

Project Scope

Industry: Infrastructure services

Company size: 300 employees

Project duration: 6 months


Building the business: In order to obtain a clear target picture of the marketplace’s scope of services, we started with an in-depth market and competitor analysis in order to optimally align the company’s own business in terms of both price and strategic positioning. With the insights gained, we were able to continuously develop the business and operating model of the marketplace using an MVP (minimum viable product) approach.

Bringing it to life: Based on the extensively reviewed business and operating model, we provided operational support for the IT implementation of the B2B marketplace. On the one hand, we consulted on the strategic management of the marketplace’s software development, and on the other hand, we pushed the integration of the marketplace into the existing IT infrastructure.


The project delivered impacts across several areas:

As the key result of the project, the platform business went live with a 25% sales growth contribution by 2024.


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