TTE Strategy named HIDDEN CHAMPION 2024 /25 in Strategy

How we evaluated a disruptive innovation


Assessment of a strategy for a potentially new disruptive and sustainable product segment in a new market that leverages existing technologies and capabilities.

Project Scope

Industry: Sustainable energy

Company size: +2,400 employees

Project duration: <6 months


Due to the novelty of the product as well as the new way of producing it, it was highly important to conduct an in-depth technology assessment and evaluate its impact on the energy storage market. Therefore, one of the core tasks was to conduct interviews with leading energy storage experts from industry and research.

Based on the results of the interviews, we were able to evaluate and sharpen the product as well as the underlying business and operating model. We were also able to evaluate the technological fit in the market and identify possible market entry opportunities.


The project delivered investment clarity for our client in a complex market environment.


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