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How we developed a go-to-market strategy for an animal pharmaceutical company


We developed a unified regional go-to-market strategy for an animal pharmaceutical company. We established internal best-practice exchange and standardized the customer journey, reducing time to market by 20%.

Project Scope

TTE was asked to support the development of a unified go-to-market strategy for a medium-sized animal pharmaceutical company with different locations in northern Europe. The focus was on better addressing different product types, seeking strategic advantages.


Collecting customer feedback: We investigated the client’s market, customer types, and products. After several workshops and research, we developed a hypothesis of an ideal selling process for the respective region. How do we sell to the different client types? How do we differentiate our products? Where do we stand in the digital selling journey?

Joint strategy development: We developed a go-to-market strategy based on key customer segments and product type combinations, including new business models and innovation. Additionally, the hypothesis of the ideal process was validated with industry experts to get a holistic view of current opportunities and market potentials. Derived from those insights, we suggested changes in the organizational design and operating model.

Implementation with activist PMO: To ensure implementation of the go-to-market strategy, we set up a transformation programme with an activist PMO and detailed out a road map to roll out for each location to move in the desired strategic direction.

“A key success factor in this project was creating the space for dialogue and sharing of best practices among the relevant stakeholders.”


The project delivered impacts across a number of areas:

  1. Reduced time to market by 20%
  2. Introducing hybrid go-to-market leveraging digital technology
  3. Documentation of selling best practices
  4. Unified go-to-market strategy with detailed road map to roll-out per location

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