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How we developed a growth strategy for a leading b2b manufacturer


We collaboratively developed a new growth strategy with active involvement of all relevant divisions leading to 10% annual growth in an established environment.

Project Scope

TTE was asked to support the client in a challenging market environment: the shift to sustainability led to increased market pressure through new competitors on the market.


Strategy development with leadership: We conducted a multi-day management workshop for purpose, vision, and strategy development. We asked the participants to envision a working day in the future: where should the company be in 2025 if everything goes according to plan? The client set the goal of being an industry leader, both qualitatively and technologically – while also keeping costs as low as possible. To achieve this, more efficiency was required above all.

Strategy validation with employees: We then conducted workshops with more than 100 employees, to include as many of them as possible in this change process. New business models and innovation were key areas for the exploration of more sustainable product offerings. Through the workshops, transformation programmes were quickly developed.

Organization-wide strategy rollout: After the strategy map was drawn up, we collaboratively developed a clear road map to roll it out with new organizational design and operating models.

“If employees are included in the change process from the outset, the probability of the transformation succeeding is considerably higher.”


The project delivered impacts across several areas:

  1. Our client owns a new corporate vision, mission and strategy to set the course for growth, aiming at 10% per year
  2. More than 70 projects have been defined in that way, almost 10 of these as major strategic transformation initiatives
  3. Implementation of a digital tracking and engagement tool – governed by a PMO

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