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How we developed and implemented a commercial digitization strategy for a paper company


We were asked to develop and implement commercial digitization initiatives in order to realize market and efficiency potentials. In detail, we wanted to increase the transparency and efficiency of all customer interactions, which leads to higher customer value.  

Project Scope

Industry: Paper manufacturing

Company size: >2,500 employees

Project duration: <6 months


Developing the strategic direction: The project began with an intensive exchange with employees and customers to review current challenges and existing initiatives. In this context, it was crucial for the overall success of the strategy to tap into the customers’ expectations and requirements, as well as employees’ experiences. We conducted these requirements in collaborative working sessions to identify and evaluate new digitization initiatives.

Setting up a road map: Relevant digitization initiatives were prioritized and transferred into a digitization road map. Implementation projects emerged that were approved by top management based on an effort and benefit assessment prepared by TTE.

Bringing it to life: In the third project step, the defined projects were implemented based on the clear implementation road map. The key objective was to be able to map the entire customer journey in the digital system landscape (esp CRM). From digital lead generation, lead management, and digital marketing to digital offer management and technical customer service, all commercial touchpoints were digitally covered in the system landscape. A broad and deep training concept for the client’s employees has enabled significant efficiency improvements in day-to-day work.


  • Sales and marketing strategically and digitally repositioned – now they are aligned disciplines
  • Customer value through digital interaction with our client (e.g. product demonstration)
  • Increased transparency of all customer interactions (“recorded” in CRM)
  • New and modern structures, processes, and digital interfaces as a prerequisite for further revenue growth – with a high level of efficiency

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