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How we helped a major logistics company to understand and improve their process landscape to prepare for further growth


Our client, one of the largest providers of logistics solutions in Europe, is experiencing continuous growth leading to increased complexity in managing the product portfolio. That’s why he requested us to map out their processes to better understand their connections and interrelations and thus prepare for further expansion.

Project Scope

Industry: Logistics 

Company size: 200 employees

Project duration: 2 months


In order to enhance the transparency of the primary business operations and foster a customer-centric approach, we developed a unified process map that covers the entire organization. This involved adopting a strategic viewpoint to gain a high-level understanding of the organization's overall picture, followed by a detailed operational analysis to understand the processes in depth. By integrating these perspectives, we were able to create a comprehensive and cohesive process map.

Phase 1: Strategic perspective

We started with a process mapping using a best-practice framework to create an initial End-to-End process overview in which we then incorporated the C-level executives’ perspective.

Phase 2: Operational perspective

In the second phase, we focused on detailing out the process map using operational insights to ensure consistency and coherence with an inside perspective. Based on this information, we combined both the strategic and operational perspectives to create a comprehensive and effective process framework.

Phase 3: Finalization

To ensure a long-lasting benefit of our work, we designed a comprehensive guideline for each process and provided best-practice tools for detailing out the processes on the next operational level.


  • Consistent End-to-End process map for the entire organization
  • Identification of major inefficiencies and best-practice based suggestions for further improvement
  • Detailed understanding of each process as a basis for further analyses and process steering
  • Analysis tools and templates for lower-level processes

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