TTE Strategy named HIDDEN CHAMPION 2024 /25 in Strategy

How we helped a swiss private bank digitalize its administrative processes


Based on a stringent business case logic, we selected processes with potential for automation and digitalization, resulting in a cost reduction of 20%.

Project Scope

TTE was asked to digitalize the administrative processes using robotic automation to increase efficiency.


Size of the prize: Together with key senior stakeholders, we defined the overall target and the approach – combining digitalization technologies such as RPA, process mining and workflow automation with process reengineering.

Bottom-up potential: In one-to-ones with key stakeholders from different departments and seniority levels of the bank, we gathered use cases as well as the key inputs for a business case calculation. Using a triage methodology, we only investigated cases with significant potential.

Substantiation and decision: To prepare C-level decision making, we aggregated use cases by technology and department and built a sensible proposal for implementation.

Implementation: After the green light for the prioritized initiatives, we drove the implementation together with an IT partner.

"TTE was the right partner for this project and has contributed to increasing the value for our company."


  1. 30 initiatives defined and five prioritized
  2. Cost savings of 20% per use case
  3. Significant increase in excitement for digitalization initiatives 

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