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How we scoped, prototyped, tested, and launched a customer portal for a leading european food packaging manufacturer


We were asked to identify opportunities in digital selling for a large-scale B2B manufacturing company. Customer interviews we gained insights that showed significant efficiency potentials. We therefore gave the strategic recommendation to invest in digital selling. The structure of the implementation program was built alongside these core elements.

Project Scope

  • Opportunity identification
  • Requirements gathering across all functions
  • Prototyping
  • Dummy testing with internal and external users
  • Creation and alignment of feature road map
  • Steering of implementation partner
  • Roll-out of MVP


A representative set of customers across all regions was interviewed by TTE to understand what they appreciate about the current relationship and interaction, their daily needs and their willingness to try digital channels. In parallel, we conducted interviews with internal stakeholders across all functions to equally understand the daily business challenges and cross-dependencies and identify opportunities.

Based on the comprehensive understanding of the future users and the underlying business processes, a set of personas and user stories was created, and a click dummy was designed.

The click dummy was then played back again to test whether it fulfilled the expectations. User stories were amended and adapted.

Based on the user stories, a list of required features with complexity and dev effort was drafted to create a preliminary road map and enable selection of MVP features.

The implementation partner was then briefed to start developing the MVP features and, in parallel, the pilot region was prepared to support with testing and later roll-out.


All five sales regions have been onboarded, and all regional customers are using the portal for daily interactions with our client, particularly stock checks, delivery tracking, and graphics requests. The portal is ready to handle order processing and finance workflows at later stages.

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