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How we helped to define, validate, and implement a large-scale sales, general, and administration (SGA) transformation project


The scope of the transformation effort was the whole Sales, General, and Administration (SGA) function, including accounting, controlling, sales, HR, and planning. The focus of the transformation was on efficiency improvements, digitization, and increase in customer loyalty.

Project Scope

Industry: Packaging

Company size: >5,000 employees

Project duration: <6 months


Target setting: In a comprehensive bottom-up activity analysis in collaborative workshops, we assisted in setting top-down objectives. In particular, the focus was on efficiency improvement, digitization, and improved customer loyalty.

Validation: In the validation phase, together with the customer’s employees, we were able to break down the objectives to the individual teams and systems. This allowed us to create an accurate and comprehensive implementation plan.

Implementation: To ensure that the defined goals were achieved, we provided strong governance to support the introduction in a structured manner and to drive it forward.


The project delivered impacts across several areas:

  1. 20% reduction of SGA cost per annum
  2. Significant increase in digitization of processes (e.g., in sales and planning)
  3. Improvement in customer loyalty

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