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How we specified and implemented a B2B sales portal for a global packaging company


We led the conceptual development and implementation of a B2B online selling portal and decreased sales administration costs by up to 15%.

Project Scope

TTE was asked to support the specification and implementation of a B2B sales portal. The overall aim was to increase sales through new digital sales channels and to lower costs through automated sales processes. Furthermore, it improves customer stickiness and the customer selling experience, while enabling seamless data flow of the selling portal with the CRM system in place.


Collecting customer feedback: the first step was a holistic customer survey, which was used to understand pain points and potentials along the customer journey. In this process, we interviewed over 100 of our client’s customers and were able to gather valuable insights as a basis for developing the B2B sales portal. In the next step, we developed the future sales process, created a digital prototype of a customer portal, and detailed the customer and internal business requirements.

Stakeholder-inclusive strategy alignment: We conducted requirement-specification workshops with employees, industry experts, and clients to develop a complete list of essential features and functionalities. To ensure the alignment of the requirements with the B2B e-commerce strategy, ongoing leadership engagement was established.

B2B sales portal implementation: We implemented the programme together with the clients team and an IT partner. During the implementation period, agile project methods were established within the client’s organization. TTE consultants enabled the product owner to steer the IT development team.


“The key success factor in this programme setting was the open dialogue with the client’s customer base.”


The project delivered impacts across several areas:

  • Reduced selling and sales administration costs by 15%
  • Improved customer stickiness and customer selling experience
  • Seamless data flow of selling portal with CRM system in place

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