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How we uncovered the need for change management leading to concrete and tailored change mechanisms in a global Transformation journey


Our client designed a new strategy, and to implement it, developed global programs requiring a substantial shift in work approaches. Recognizing the importance of securing buy-in and ensuring a successful transformation, they sought our assistance. Collaboratively, we assessed the need for change management initiatives within each program and crafted a detailed list of activities. These activities were specifically tailored to significantly enhance the chances of a successful transformation journey.

Project Scope

Industry: Manufacturing industry

Company size: ~6300 employees

Project duration: 3 months


Understanding the 'what' and the 'who': Our primary focus was initially on identifying the significant changes driving the strategy and their impact on the way people work within each program. Collaborating closely with the client, we determined these pivotal changes and assessed their influence not only within specific functions but across all hierarchical levels.

Assessing the impact: With a clear understanding of the 'what' and the 'who,' our next step involved jointly evaluating the magnitude of each change's effect on different stakeholder groups. This analysis helped prioritize the groups most affected by the changes, guiding our approach to defining tailored support for them.

Creating tangible solutions: For each identified group, we employed the "4 Conditions Change Framework." This framework enabled us to craft bespoke change mechanisms, catering specifically to the needs of each group. By facilitating behavioral adaptation, these solutions enhanced the likelihood of a successful transformational journey.


  • Raised awareness about the necessity of emotional buy-in in transformation processes.
  • Identified key changes impacting work methodologies and the diverse stakeholders affected by these changes: Through this exercise, a shift in perspective occurred among the program leads. They gained insight into how their programs not only influenced their specific functions but also wielded significant impact across other areas.
  • Collaboratively developed customized change mechanisms: These mechanisms were designed to empower affected stakeholders to drive and embrace organizational change.

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