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Lars Linnekogel

From vision to reality – Our #1 project for best of consulting 2020


Excerpt from coverage of WirtschaftsWoche, 8. December 2020, on TTE Strategy project for which we were awarded #1 in strategy in Best of Consulting 2020

The fact that it can be worth involving employees in the transformation processes is also something that Lars Linnekogel explains to his customers tirelessly. For this reason, the Founder and Managing Director of TTE Strategy ensures that those who will have to implement a project later on are included in the strategic development from the outset. TTE Strategy has also applied this approach at a European packaging manufacturer with a turnover of almost two billion euros that was looking to adjust its growth strategy and market positioning. TTE’s client manufactures sustainable packaging – and was experiencing pressure from new competitors on the market.

First, TTE Strategy imagined the future in a multi-day workshop with management from the packaging manufacturer: where should the company be in 2025 if everything goes according to plan? “In this way, it quickly becomes apparent which foundations the client needs to lay immediately,” says Linnekogel. The client set the aim of being an industry leader, both qualitatively and technologically – while also keeping costs as low as possible. In order to achieve this – this much was immediately clear – more efficiency was required above all. To put it plainly: no more downtimes for machines, so virtual maintenance and higher volumes.

That was the plan. But the actual work only began after that, remembers Linnekogel: “The new strategy had to be anchored across all levels.” More than 100 employees across disciplines and hierarchies were therefore involved via workshops. “If employees are included in the change process from the outset, the probability of the transformation succeeding is considerably higher,” says Linnekogel. And the chance of keeping the competitor from hell at bay therefore also increases.


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