TTE Strategy named HIDDEN CHAMPION 2024 /25 in Strategy

TTE Strategy distinguished as Hidden Champion

Lars Linnekogel
Lars Linnekogel

TTE Strategy has been distinguished as the “Hidden Champion in the Consultation Market” in the Strategy category. This means that the quality of the strategy consultation has been rated by clients to be on eye level with McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bain, as shown by this year’s survey by professor Dietmar Fink and his Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB).

TTE Strategy is only the second consulting enterprise to obtain this award in the “Strategy” category since the award was launched in 2002. All in all, TTE Strategy received 419 points in the assessment field “Company strategy, business field strategy” (compared to BCG: 417 points; McKinsey: 403 points; Bain: 395 points; Roland Berger: 353 points) and is therefore the overall winner.

This year, professor Dietmar Fink surveyed 33 consultation offices about their consulting quality and generated a benchmark, particularly for comparing the leading international consultation enterprises. A total of 1,026 executives from German companies were surveyed, which record an annual turnover of more than 500 million euros. The participants were not allowed to apply for the award – they were recommended proactively by the market and intensively evaluated prior to a potential participation.

“TTE Strategy has not even celebrated its seventh birthday yet – and is now being honored with this award as the second consultation company in the history of the award. This makes our entire team, and me personally, extremely proud,” says Lars Linnekogel, Founder and CEO of TTE Strategy.

TTE Strategy takes second place in the category “Ability to Communicate”

The strategy consultant Lars Linnekogel, who gained his consulting experience at BCG, founded TTE Strategy at the age of 34 in 2015. His aim is clear: To establish a new kind of strategy consultation on the market that focuses above all on people, their emotions, their potential, and their fears. And to draw strategy away from the technical management corner. This means that strategy development and implementation do not take place solely in the consultation office or on the executive floor, but together with and surrounded by the people in the organization.

“Our clients have said that ‘strategy with you not only means charts, but also enablement, the empowering of our team. You not only make plans, you are also able to realize real results together with our people’,” says Lars Linnekogel. “And so our slogan was born, which we continue to proclaim today: Creating Results Together. This is why I’m especially delighted that we also did well in the categories ‘Communication’ and ‘Teamwork’ as part of the survey by professor Fink.”

When it comes to the ability to communicate, TTE Strategy is in second place (of 33), and for teamwork in fifth place. In the overall satisfaction, compared to all other participating consultancy enterprises, TTE Strategy placed among the top ten for a pioneering approach, analytical skills, the ability to implement, and the pricing level.

TTE Strategy continues to grow and is searching for new colleagues

Today, four managing directors lead the three TTE Strategy offices in Germany and Switzerland. Customers are spread across Europe, not only in German-speaking countries. The company will continue to grow in 2022, too, and is on the search for consultants who are also ready to engage in this kind of strategy consultation. German is not a criteria for employment; the company language is English.

“With us, our colleagues are integrated in the big-picture questions from our clients at the highest level from day one,” says Lars Linnekogel. “But we always have our feet on the ground. It wouldn’t be possible any other way for us to work with all the hierarchical levels we experience with clients – not just the boards and executives. The team plays an important role for us. We are drivers, international, hungry, some even a bit crazy – which is very important to me – and people, too, besides being employees: mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, friends with hobbies, interests, and a life that goes far beyond our consultancy work. If you have the drive and passion to support the further expansion of this Hidden Champion: Contact us now!”

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