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TTE Strategy has turned 5! Thank you so much!

Lars Linnekogel
Lars Linnekogel

I am very proud and inspired as I look back over the first five years of TTE Strategy. In April 2015, the idea of a different kind of consulting was born in me. I thought about creating a home for passionate strategy consultants who would share the vision in a new way with me: where consultants are at eye-level with everyone from the shop floor to boardroom, where consultants go “all-in” and become a comrade-in arms to clients and their teams in order to make great ideas work – as focused on results as on people.
A real alternative for leaders who care.

With this article, I would like to thank two groups of people that have believed in TTE ever since and make it what it is today.

My team!
Thank you so much for taking a risk in joining an unproven concept back then, as well as for sharing and enriching my beliefs.
Thank you for being as caring, diverse, passionate and visionary in your work as you all are every day! As I saw us discussing, laughing, strategizing and reflecting during our video calls over the past few days, I thought to myself: this is my dream team!
I am proud and grateful at the same time.

Our clients!
They took the same risk, overcoming possible internal reactions like ‘They are too small’, ‘They lack experience’ and ‘They are like all the others´. Thank you so much for believing in us, being so open to this new approach and recommending us to other leaders who were looking for new solutions when dealing with consultants. Weare giving everything to help you achieve better results every day.
Thank you for enriching each day of our professional lives.

So, what does TTE Strategy look like today? Here are my personal reflections:

TTE is growing
no ‘Kurzarbeit’!
We’ve gone from being a one-man-show to having 10 permanent consultants today combined with a sound network of industry experts. Even during this crisis we’ve been expanding. No Kurzarbeit at TTE! I cannot tell you how proud I am of this.

TTE is different
our own idea of strategy consulting
We form a team within your organization, not outside.
That makes a big difference. Some of our clients say: “It’s a tough approach, but you do the real work, not only in the boardroom but deep inside the engine room.”

TTE is visionary
we all share the same values
We guide projects with vision, we boldly ask the questions that need to be asked, we choose leading over responding and treat people with empathy – we ultimately care for our client’s good even when it doesn’t benefit us. It’s not only our expertise – our leadership team has worked at BCG for years – but our values that bind us together.

TTE is sustainable
we invest in our people and their expertise
We offer you Strategy & Transformation Consulting, but our expertise is not just derived from BCG – our team has experience in Coaching, Change Management and even medicine. We continuously invest in our people. At the moment we are investing in different Executive Education Programs at INSEAD.

Oh, one last thing. Some of my friends still ask me: Lars, how does it scale? What’s the exit valuation? I can only say to this: TTE is profitable and we are able to provide a good income for 10 families as well as maintain our purpose of supporting others – no “Kurzarbeit” or anything else. We are not creating for exit, it’s for passion and conviction.

Keep safe and healthy!



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