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TTE Strategy receives EcoVadis award for first-class sustainability activities

Leon Brakemeier
Leon Brakemeier

Sustainability as a corporate philosophy
Social and ecological commitment at TTE Strategy

Sustainability plays a crucial role nowadays.
Because of their influence on society and the environment, companies in particular are encouraged to focus heavily on themes such as ongoing climate change or scarcity of resources and to set effective examples.

However, this responsibility requires long-term thinking and the integration of sustainable practices into all areas of corporate life. From the very earliest days in our company’s history, we at TTE Strategy have been conscious of our responsibility for our planet and consider sustainability to be of particular importance. It therefore makes us all the prouder to have been acknowledged as a sustainable company with the EcoVadis silver medal.

EcoVadis award for TTE Strategy

We have been awarded the silver medal by EcoVadis – an independent platform that rates companies using a comprehensive sustainability rating of 21 criteria – for our sustainability in 2022. The categories are divided into four main sections: environment, working conditions, ethics, and sustainable procurement measures. The platform is used as a standard by organizations around the world and has become a key player in the field of corporate sustainability. We are delighted that this silver medal endorses our sustainability measures and puts us in the top 25 percent of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis.

A look at our sustainability measures

The EcoVadis silver medal, along with our membership of UN Global Compact – a voluntary leadership platform for the development, implementation, and publication of responsible business activities – makes us at TTE Strategy your sustainable partner with verified ESG rating. “We endeavor to develop our business in a resource- and environmentally friendly way and to establish a sustainable mindset at our clients, too,” says Lars Linnekogel, Founder and Managing Director of TTE Strategy. “At the same time, we firmly believe that climate change can only be tackled if we see Planet Earth – and ourselves as people – as key stakeholders, rather than focusing exclusively on material value creation and profit.”

So as to create better conditions for all of us, we at TTE Strategy use 100% green electricity in all of our office spaces and offset our CO2 emissions in partnership with the company SouthPole. Furthermore, our employees enjoy numerous benefits, such as education budgets, childcare subsidies, a transport allowance, and excellent training courses.

Sustainability and social activities are more than just a duty or green marketing for us. We see them as a unique opportunity and a huge responsibility when it comes to protecting our planet as a basis for life, as well as maintaining people’s quality of life over the long term.

Together, we can make a big difference – be part of our sustainability mission and work with us for a future worth living.

You can find our profile on the UN Global Compact website here.

If, however, you would like to find out how you can leverage sustainability as a strategic advantage over your competitors, contact us here now!

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